Who Is The Detective

People call on The VPN Detective because I get answers. They don’t have time to chase confusing information and run into dead ends. I do the legwork. I investigate. I ask questions and I get to the details. I cut to the chase and tell them only what they need to know. Saves them time and trouble.

The Detective's Office Door

The VPN Case
I got hired by my client (an IP-lookup organization) to get some information. There are hundreds of VPN providers out there, some better and some worse than others. My criteria for picking the Top 5 was pretty straightforward:

  1. They deliver value at a fair cost.
  2. They have a solid reputation.
  3. They offer a money-back guarantee and/or a free trial period.
  4. They have solid customer support.
  5. They have to be easy to use.
  6. They do a great job of protecting you when you're online, wherever you are.

My job was to get the facts and come up with five top VPN providers that are on the up and up...and that you can count on.

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