Three reasons why people use VPNs

Here are the three main things you need to know about a virtual private network. They are the key reasons to have one.

  1. No one can steal your data.
    When you go online you’re always safe. No hacker, government or spy can steal your passwords or accounts. How come? Because VPN software takes your online messages and turns it into gobbledygook that no one could read even if they DID get at it. That’s called encryption. Spy stuff. I love it.
  2. No one will find you. Ever. You’re invisible.
    These VPNs take you off the grid by hiding the electronic network “address” that reveals where you are! So no one’s going to trace anything back to you. Not your emails, blog posts, YouTube posts…nothing. They’ll have no idea of where you are. (Better than hiding out in some flophouse.)
  3. Content blocked? Not for you.
    You’ll be able to see content (shows, sports, etc.) that would otherwise be blocked because of your geographic location. With a VPN, you trick websites in to letting you in, not keeping you out. You decide what you want to see online.
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